Our services

We specialise in four primary areas of assisting investment managers being Licensing, Trustee and Fund Administration & Distribution. Our services cover various asset classes including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Property, Credit, Debt, Equities, Real Estate and Agriculture.


  • Fund Managers (both domestic and offshore) require a financial services licence in order to provide financial services.
  • Polar 993 is licenced to appoint fund managers across a range of asset classes under its AFS Licence to provide general advice to wholesale clients by way of a Corporate Authorised Representative appointment.
  • The Corporate Authorised Representative appointment of the Investment Manager under the AFS Licence of Polar 993 will allow the Investment Manager to promote its fund to wholesale investors by providing general financial advice.
  • Polar 993 supports the Fund Manager by also providing the compliance and regulatory framework and monitoring.

Trustee & Corporate Director

  • Unregistered managed investment schemes require a trustee.
  • To qualify as a managed investment trust (MIT fund) an AFS Licenced trustee is required.
  • Polar 993 is licenced to act as the corporate trustee of wholesale unregistered managed investment schemes across various asset classes including equities, private equity, venture capital, property funds, credit, agricultural and commodities funds, and also satisfies the criteria to act as the wholesale trustee for MIT funds.
  • Polar 993 as the trustee of a fund has fiduciary duties to the fund’s investors and is independent from the Investment Manager and other fund service providers which investors value. 
  • The scope and the duties Polar 993 has when acting as the Trustee includes:
  • Responsible for managing the compliance of the fund and maintaining compliance policies and procedures
  • Issuing the Information Memorandum to be used for the fund’s capital raising
  • Ensuring that the fund is managed by the Investment Manager in accordance with the fund’s Information Memorandum and its Trust Deed 
  • Overseeing the valuation processes of the fund
  • The review and sign-off of the annual accounts and audit of the fund
  • As the fund administrator Polar 993 will assist with investor onboarding, AML/KYC, investor reporting, and fund accounting for the fund.
  • Polar 993’s online application and registry portal can also be used.

Fund Administration

The role of Polar 993 Fund Services as the fund administrator will include:

  • Online subscription application portal
  • Online investor register portal
  • Processing subscriptions and redemptions to the Fund
  • Issuing contract subscription notes to investors
  • Establishing and maintaining the investor registry of the Fund
  • Undertaking the initial and annual KYC and AML for all Fund Investors
  • Producing the quarterly net asset value (NAV) of the Fund
  • Enter all portfolio transactions into the accounting system
  • Maintaining and operating in accordance with the Trustee’s and Investment Manager’s approval, the bank account of the Fund
  • Processing distributions from the Fund
  • Maintaining the books and records of the Fund
  • Investor capital calls (if applicable)
  • Investor reporting
  • Working with the Investment Manager and the external tax/accounting advisers & auditors who will prepare the:
  • Quarterly BAS returns
  • Annual financial statements of the Fund
  • Annual tax return of the Fund
  • Annual investor tax distribution calculations
  • Annual tax statements
  • FATCA and CRS reporting
  • Annual fund audit


  • The Polar 993 team has extensive experience and success raising capital for various investment strategies.
  • The Polar 993 team have raised over $3bn for credit, real estate, private equity, venture capital, equities and commodities funds.
  • The Polar 993 team has long standing deep relationships with high net worth family offices, domestic institutions, Asian institutions, US pension funds and global asset managers.
  • The services and roles that Polar 993 is able to assist the Investment Manager with are:
  • Capital Raising – assist in arranging meetings and raising capital 
  • Pitch book – providing suggestion for content
  • Marketing material – providing input into the content for Due Diligence Questionnaire and review 
  • Presentation assistance – work with the Investment Manager to refine the investor pitch